GEER Australia

Group of Energy Efficiency Researchers

GEER Australia members are driven to improve the energy related wellbeing of Australian households through our research and collaborative efforts with government bodies, not-for-profit organisations and the energy sector. We are Australia’s peak research body on residential energy efficiency, with a particular passion for supporting those most in need.

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What makes GEER unique

  • Peak research body: GEER work focuses solely on residential energy use and challenges, with specialised experience working with vulnerable groups.

  • Knowledge trust: GEER brings academic and industry minds together, nationwide, with expertise in household energy efficiency and related well-being.

  • Diversity of scope: GEER can work on a variety of projects, with diverse cohorts, to design, evaluate, consult and/or advise as needed.

  • Not-for-profit: GEER is a not-for-profit entity, comprising members who volunteer their time, effort and knowledge towards improving outcomes for Australian households.

Latest From Us

New: GEER will be launching KIREE very soon! This is a resource that will be useful for everyone working in the residential energy space. We have written pieces regarding energy consumers, energy policies, energy projects and energy technologies. Each area contains its own list of sub-categories with many GEER pieces within. You can manually search the knowledge interface (energy bank) or use the search engine function within KIREE. Here is just a sample of what you might find – this one is about landlords and the split-incentive.

Upcoming Event: IREE Conference 2021

GEER announces the launch of KIREE – the Knowledge Interface on Residential Energy Efficiency