Round Table Discussion

11th October 2017, Melbourne, Australia

Run by the Group of Energy Efficiency Researchers (GEER), the GEER Round Table Discussion aims to develop action plans in a collaborative space participant expertise.

About The Round Table Discussion

Research reveals that the rapid and significant increases in energy prices leads to significant hardship for many low‐income households in Australia. Householders report becoming more distressed, feeling socially isolated and experiencing worsening physical and mental health. Many are unable to change their situation or do not know how to obtain support. The implications are complex and extend well beyond ‘energy’. Addressing energy poverty and hardship thus requires a concerted and broad‐reaching effort to alleviate the lived experience of people in this situation and to enable them to overcome the barriers they face. Accomplishing this outcome will require Commonwealth and State governments, energy providers and distributors, community‐based organisations and researchers from each state and territory, as well as those that operate at a national level, to work together.


  • To develop action plans

  • To form collaborations

  • To be guided by participants on what research (evidence) is needed


  • An understanding of the collective expertise and resources available to get things done

  • Produced 140 ideas of what could be done

  • Refined these ideas to the top priorities

  • Developed over 100 research activities that could be done

  • Developed a high-level critical action plan for each priority

  • Gathered what participants and their organisations are most interested in