Working with GEER

GEER Australia brings together academic and industry minds nation-wide to provide a Knowledge Trust capable of conducting a variety of energy efficiency related tasks, projects and analyses.

Benefits of Working with GEER
  • Depth and diversity: GEER brings together academic and industry minds nationwide, providing significant depth and breadth of knowledge, insight, expertise and research capabilities across numerous fields.

  • Specialised residential expertise: GEER members exclusively focus on residential energy efficiency and energy-related issues faced by Australian householders.

  • Consumers experiencing vulnerability: GEER members have developed expertise in working with low-income and vulnerable households.

  • Focus on health and well-being: GEER explores the nexus between residential energy efficiency and use with health and well-being outcomes.

  • Highly experienced researchers: GEER members are all experienced researchers or project managers. Researchers are highly experienced in conducting quantitative or qualitative research.

  • Unique knowledge trust: GEER members are able to dissect a challenge through multiple lenses and offer sound, practical solutions to problems that create a ‘win-win’ for projects and households;

  • Unparalleled background: GEER members have an unparalleled background working on residential and community energy projects across Australia.

  • Local or national focus: GEER members are skilled in conducting either local or nationwide projects, as it has members in every state and territory.

  • Cutting-edge research: GEER members comprise top researchers in the field who are highly qualified to provide rigorous, critical and multi-disciplinary perspectives.

Services Provided

Experts in the Field

  • GEER offers research, evaluation and education and consultancy services in the field of energy efficiency to a range of funding bodies, particularly in support of vulnerable consumers. 

  • GEER offers a unique collective 'Knowledge Trust' that can view a challenge or issue through multiple lenses and design innovative solutions that create 'win-win' situations.

  • GEER are in a position to conduct both local and national scale projects as GEER members are located across Australia.

  • GEER members are highly qualified to provide rigorous and critical research and evaluation, cutting edge education programs and high quality consulting. 

Research Projects

We have a range of proposed research projects designed to investigate and inform improved outcomes for residential energy users. If any of the following ten projects resounds with your organisation, we invite you to contact us to discuss how your organisation could be involved. All projects need funding if they are to occur. Contact us to find out more: 


Our Research Topics


National Energy Housing Stock, Hardship and Health Indicator: Develop, Test and Conduct


Systems Mapping of Home Energy Efficiency in Australia


Informing How to Implement Higher Minimum Standards to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Existing Homes


Informing Mandatory Reporting Policy and Practice for Residential Properties


Facilitating Energy Efficiency Improvements in High-Rise Apartment Buildings: Addressing the Pending Crisis


Comparing Energy Use in Low-Income Households with Other Households


Energy Debt Reduction: Developing a Win-Win Framework


Energy Efficiency Report Rating System: Develop and Trial


Drawing Upon International Lessons to Inform How Australia can Best Deliver Energy Efficiency


Incentivising Energy Providers to Ensure Consumers are Given the Most Suitable Offer


Improving the Visibility of Consumption: Energy Displays of the Future, Today


Build an Energy Efficiency Knowledge Interface to Capture Collective Wisdom and Inform Policy and Practice