Benefits of Subscribing to GEER

For organisations and individuals wanting to keep closely connected with GEER and to access numerous benefits, we encourage you to subscribe. Subscription offers many benefits:

1. Access to the Knowledge Interface on Residential Energy Efficiency (KIREE)
There is a lot of information out there about energy efficiency – programs being run, policies being made, research being conducted, reports being released and hot issues reported in the media. GEER offers a unique product that provides an interface for subscribers between what is going on in Australia with regard to energy efficiency and the insights and knowledge base of GEER members on those matters. It will provide subscribers with a one-stop-shop for finding out about energy-related matters in Australia, allowing them to gain quick access to a wide variety of summarised and interpreted information, in a format that is easy to find, easy to read and highly useful.  It contains general information, as well as information relating specifically to low-income households. KIREE is available to subscribers only. Early subscribers will be able to request information to be included in KIREE and so guide the design of the sort of information they most want to access.
Some of the key areas of KIREE:
•    Projects in energy efficiency – previous and current
•    Project design options – methods
•    Research and evaluation frameworks
•    Measurement challenges and guidelines for evaluation
•    Energy issues and solutions
•    Energy consumers – tenants, landlords, demographics
•    Energy in Australia – policy and market landscapes

2. Discounts to GEER Events

We will provide a discount for you to attend a GEER event:

GEER Symposium: FREE registration for you (value of free ticket $250)


IREE conference: 30% off registration fee for you (value of discount $250)


​3. Ask a Question of the Knowledge Trust

Subscribers are invited to ask a question* of the GEER ‘knowledge trust’ which will involve at least two GEER members responding. Subscribers will be provided with a written responses (maximum two pages) or verbal responses can be arranged via a teleconference. This alone represents a value of $1000. 

*Note: Such questions should not require primary investigations or substantive secondary investigations. The type of work involving this can be conducted via a bespoke piece of research – contact GEER to find out more: 



4. Nominate a ‘Switched-On’ GEER Podcast Topic

From 2019, GEER will be providing regular podcasts, available only to GEER subscribers. We invite you to nominate a topic for one of these podcasts where GEER members who are expert on that topic will discuss it for 15-20 minutes providing insights and any relevant research findings. You may also join in this conversation on the podcast if you wish.

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