GEER Australia

Group of Energy Efficiency Researchers

Our Purpose

Our Aim

GEER aim to:

  • Reduce the impact of increasing energy costs on low income households 

  • Address energy-related disadvantage

  • Work with the energy sector to devise workable strategies to improve people’s lives and their ability to afford and use energy 

  • Work with government bodies to inform improved policies and regulations around energy

  • Collaborate with funding and community bodies to roll out and evaluate the impact of future energy efficiency programs

What We Do

We are driven to improve the energy related wellbeing of disadvantaged and low income people through our research and collaborative efforts with the government, not-for-profit and energy sectors. Research and activities carried out by GEER primarily focus on energy efficiency as they relate to:​

  • The quality of life of vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community

  • The affordability of energy in the home

  • Environmental sustainability


Our collaborative approach to research provides multi-disciplinary depth. Our members are spread across the country allowing us to conduct local or nationwide research (breadth).


Our Expertise

Who We Are

The team at GEER are a group of research & industry members, from all over Australia who have one thing in common, the desire to help those who are disadvantaged have the energy they need to run their homes, stay warm in winter, cool in summer and keep the lights on.

We are concerned with the health, wellbeing and quality of life for families who find it difficult to pay energy bills, negotiate a better deal, and provide even the most basic of energy needs.

Key Roles & Functions

GEER is established for the purpose of sustaining research and projects in the field of energy efficiency in Australia. Members of GEER come from across Australia, from universities and various other research entities, and from industry (government and not-for-profit organisations).

Importantly, GEER provides ongoing research collaboration and best practice services with a view to supporting vulnerable energy consumers. It seeks to develop innovative solutions that create self-sustaining households and communities facilitating improvement in energy efficiency.


Multi-Disciplinary &

Insight Driven

GEER comprises an interdisciplinary team of researchers and industry members across social and physical sciences who have gained expertise working on energy efficiency related matters.


Evaluating Impacts & Outcomes

GEER's researchers and industry members have gained vast experience in evaluating programs, projects and policies in terms of social and environmental well-being.

Co-Benefits of

Energy Efficiency

GEER recognise the link between energy efficiency, consumption patterns and the energy market/sector practices, and how these relate to the co-benefits of comfort, health, affordability and well-being.

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